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Minister of education Son wishes corona virus could infect his father and kill him.


People are trying everything in their power inorder to avoid being infected with corona virus.People are losing their lives including the lives of their loved ones each and everyday.People on tweeter are left speechless after Minister of Education, Angie Motshekga's son wished that corona virus could kill his father.People are still asking what his father did to him that led him to hate him that much.

He even said on the day of his burial he would go with a champagne to celebrate at his funeral.What Kabelo wrote on Twitter has shamed his mothers legacy.Angie Motsekga is a well known public figure she should lead by example but it is now clear that she did not teach his son some manners that is why he brought such a shame to the family.

Kabelo says that he is done with his father's evil ways and the only time he will ever be happy is by seeing his father dead.Kabelo once smoked drugs and we don't know whether he is still using drugs or not.Maybe his father wants to change him into a better man but he thinks his father is against him.

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Kabelo Son


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