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So Sad|| She Passed Away After Writing Matric, Her Results Broke Many Peoples Hearts(6 Distinctions)


The first tweet that ever made me cry was about a 2021 student who passed matric with 6 Distinctions and collapsed. One 9f twitter user shared the terrible news on social media and retweeted it. The young lady, whose identity was not released, died after complaining about her stomach, according to twitter user @AsipheZondeka.

"We don't know, she stated her tummy hurt, then she was out of breath, fell, and died," the caption reads.

We are broken and unable to express our feelings; Lord, teach us to accept the things we cannot change. To declare it is good and to change. Kubuhlungu. Her friends and family are still in disbelief that Azola, a humble student and tireless worker, could have left them so unexpectedly.

While other families and parents are celebrating their children's achievements, her family is mourning her death. Not to mention the future that she has left behind. She had a bright future ahead of her and was a role model for others.

Azola Mcedo completed her matriculation examinations in 2021, but regrettably, death struck her as she was still completing her final exams, taking her life in a matter of decades. The family wishes she was still alive to see her accomplishments and the months of hard work she put in at school. The results were released today, and Azola received a bachelor's degree after passing her matriculation. Her family was surprised to hear that she had received seven distinctions in business management, economics, English, life orientation, mathematics literacy, and tourism.

This is heartbreaking news. Let us pray for the family's healing and acceptance of the fact that it was her time to leave them. It was all part of God's plan, and whomever is to blame for her stomach acting strangely should be brought to justice.

May she rest in peace for the rest of her life.


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