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A grade 6 kid bullies the teacher (sad, this caused a stir on social media)

We all know that descipline comes or starts from home, a kid who is well behaved at school proves that he or she listens and respect the parents. Some kids give teachers a very hard time a it is sad because at some point it is beyond teacher's hand to descipline. Yes it's the teacher's job to teach but parents have to meat them halfway at some point. There's a video that is recently trending on social media of a young man who bully her teacher.

According to the video the kid was busy pulling the teacher's s clothes even though she told him to stop doing that and go back to class, the kid didn't even listen, he was very stubborn, the only thing stopped him is when 3 men came to stop him from that behavior. Which was very sad to watch because teachers are meant to be respected.

Parents should really make sure they take steps and teach their kids some respect because teachers are having it hard out there.

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