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Leaner made this offer to a teacher in exchange for pass


The world that we live in today is full of mystries and wonders. Things happen each and every day. Each day has got its own drama. Schools are no longer that sacred and so are the things happening in schools these nowadays. Leaners no longer have respect for their teachers and some teachers no longer have respect for themselves and their works as they engage in some unspeakable practises.

There were chats between a teacher and his leaner that were exposed to the media, and what the teacher agreed to is really not cool and it is unspeakeble. When it comes to young females, especially high school girls, having romantic relationships with men who are decades older than they are, it has become an unavoidable standard in South Africa, and it's leading to unnecessary uncertainty.

Particularly when it comes to assigning guilt, because many people like to place it on the shoulders of the elder and accuse him of coercing the younger one into such partnerships. Some people believe that each and every narrative is like a coin with two sides to it. It's important to look at both sides of the coin before drawing any conclusions about the story.

According to some leaked social media discussions that I came across last night, many people have been mistaken in their assumptions that instructors and grownups dating tiny girls who are often even two times younger than them started it.

Actually, it's the "young ladies" that start it all since they stand to gain in most of those relationships. See what a high school student in the class of 2011 recommended to her instructor in the exposed discussions in the screenshots attached in this article.

Despite the fact that one may look at the leaked chats and say, "The instructor should have just been a larger person and rejected this offer," Truth is, some things are easier said than done. To be honest, it's hard to resist the urge to call someone names for dating younger women when we have no idea how it all began.

As a writer, I believe that parents of young girls should instead focus on teaching their daughters good morals so that they don't have to deal with inappropriate material in the future.

What do you think about what this leaner did? Would you say that the teacher is wrong for not rejecting the offer?


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