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Alfred confronted Principal Thobakgale about her workplace bullying

"Alfred confronts Principal Thobakgale about her workplace bullying." Said SkeemSaam3.

After Principal Thobakgale was chased with a drone around the school premises, she went and took her anger on other teachers especially Evelyn. She went out of the staff room holding her chest like she was about to have a panic attack.

Alfred Magongwa decided to finally tell the principal that what she is doing is wrong. She told her that it is bullying. Pax is not done with the Principal, he is planning another prank so that he can deal with her. The reason Principal Thobakgale resigns from the school will be Paxton. She would have had enough.

Being bullied is hard especially when you are a teacher, you have to try and be brave at all times. Magongwa sees that as an opportunity so that he can become the principal of the school but Thobakgale will not let that happen, she want to go to work until she goes to pension so that she can enjoy her GEPF benefits in peace.Source:

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