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Unexpected| After Durban Police dragged a school girl on the ground, this is what people had to say.


People are not happy with the way students from Effingham Secondary School were treated outside their school. In the video, Durban police are seen dragging 2 female learners on the ground and pointing a gun at one of the learners. Many people are ragging after seeing such treatment towards the learners.

What is portrayed by the videos is not the full story. The event began with two females getting into an altercation, and when they tried to stop them, it became tough to calm the situation down. The conflict continued indefinitely. Passing security guards attempted to help, but were confronted with force by disruptive students from the school and students from other schools. Police had to be summoned. It was also discovered that the police officer who fired the gun only did so because "his life was threatened."

Even so, it does not change what is portrayed by the visuals.

Here are some reactions to this incident:

1."I smell a lawsuit here. The kids parents must open a case. As black people we need to stop accepting public “apologies” and start taking matters to court. This is outrageous. You can’t point guns at school kids like this…"

2."The damn school had no business calling private security though. None at all. These aren't criminals, they're learners of the school. A simple parents-SGB meeting could've been called. This is uncalled for."

3."I believe our law enforcement needs more training. Take for instance, I believe girls should have at least be attended by well trained policewomen. Teacher on the other side should have seen this before hand. Where were class raps? Someone knew how this will end. We need Answers."


Was it right for the Police to manhandle those learners even if it was justified?

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