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Is it time yet for the department of education to close schools ?| Opinion


Since this week began, South Africans have been noticing the drastic rise in the number of the covid19 daily infections, as the department of health reports shows that thousand and thousand of people are being reported to have been infected by the virus each day, with some even passing away because of the corona virus.

For sure this has raised fears to some parents who have to take their children to school regardless of the rising daily infections, as the department of education hasn't said anything about closing schools due to covid19.

At this rate it is of outmost importance for the department of education to close schools for a while to avoid the fast spreading of the virus in school, also considering that the learners all over the country have not been vaccinated against the corona virus yet.

In different schools many teachers can testify how pupils always fail to maintain the social distance during their break times, some even share their lunch boxes, when they play and sit together during their free periods they hardly think of strictly following all the health and hygiene protocols that they have been educated about.

On the other hand, Most educators have not yet been vaccinated against the corona virus, therefore they are also at risk of being infected by the virus, as much as they can be the spreaders of the virus to the learners in schools.

The corona virus is a deadly disease that should not be taken lightly, hence it is very important and it is an urgent matter that the department of education should look into, so that schools shouldn't be part of those gatherings which are fast spreaders of the covid19

Do like and share your opinion about schools closing in the comment section. Stay Safe and Wear your mask always.

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