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Bad News For All 2021 Matriculants Concerning Their Results:See here/ Opinion


2021 Matric Results are due to come out any day from now and as the Matriculants are anxiously waiting, the High court has made a decesion that will make them even more anxious .A decesion has been made that the matric results are to be broadcasted on all public platform's thats means news , newspapers etc .

This decesion was influenced by Afriforum along with a Matriculant.The court ruled in their favour for the results to be publicly published.

This is not a good thing .Matric results should be private and only the owner of the results and the department of education has a right to know the results. Afriforum is pushing their own agenda here .They know that publishing matric results in public platforms will push sales of newspapers and the views of channels because people will want to find out about their results. 90% of those channels and newspapers are owned by the white people.

Afriforum is saying that public schools are using public funds therefore the results should be published on public platforms for all the public to see.

This is wrong in all levels .Matriculants are very fragile when results are coming out .Some have parents to impress ,some just cannot afford to fail and imagine failing in public .Suicide rates among Matriculants will increase. Just watch and see.Nothing good will ever come out of this .

Since when does the Afriforum get to contest such decesions .These are decesions that should be made by department of education not some all white group that wants to run the country using money .In Fact Funders of Afriforum should ve investigated and i im positive that owners of newspapers and news channels will be found behind that list .

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Afriforum Bad News For All


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