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From tomorrow, face masks will no longer be required in any classrooms

It is now clear that the United Kingdom is now moving on with the life after Covid-19 although it is still in their mist. When Covid-19 hit the world, many governments of the world were left with no choice but to introduce some critical measures.

Lockdown was the first common measure governments took and its measures left impact although some restrictions were lowered.

In many countries although learners and students had returned to schools, wearing masks was still a mandatory.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid is the kne introduced new chapters or rather the easing of new restrictions. With the United Kingdom now marking the start of a new chapter in the fight against Covid-19, Sajid Javid said, this is not the end of covid-19 so where it is necessary, public must take cautious.

Working from home guidance ends today and from tomorrow, it has been announced that face masks will no longer be required in any classrooms.

Before thee announcement, masks was a mandatory inside the classroom.


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