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Updated Statistics: A look at the matric results per province


It was a stressful year for matriculants in 2020, as they lost the bulk of their learning times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It was harder for the students to go back to school after losing weeks on their syllabus, which made them feel under pressure to perform well at all cost. Meanwhile, other students couldn't make it back to school as they have written off the year after COVID-19 hit our shores in South Africa. Hence parents felt that it was ideal for their children to redo Grade 12 this year. Also, they felt that it wasn't safe for their children to go back to school to pick up where things were left off under the new normal.

Students went from attending their schools relaxed and not paying that much into hygiene. Now, they must study with face masks, wash and sanitize their hands and maintain social distancing. These are testing times for the education system, as it has to be inclusive of the COVID-19 rules and regulations. Also, makes sure that everyone within the schools obeys COVID-19 protocols. Matriculants had to bear the pain of being fast learners and also, put in countless hours at home studying for their examinations. Despite the situation, the class of 2020 in matric hold their fort and were able to achieve a 76.2% overall pass rate.

*Free State was able to achieve 85.5%.

*Gauteng achieved an 83.8% matric pass rate.

*Western Cape bagged 79.9% matric pass rate.

*KwaZulu-Natal was able to achieve 77.6%.

*North West achieved a 76.2% matric pass rate.

*Mpumalanga was able to achieve 73.7%.

*Limpopo was able to achieve 68.2%.

*Eastern Cape bagged 68.1% matric pass rate.

*Northern Cape achieved a 66.0% matric pass rate.

Matriculants only need support and unconditional love from their families, relatives, friends, teachers, fellow students and the rest of their community. Let's face it Grade 12 plays a crucial role in students' lives as long they're willing to study further - head over to tertiary. We just want to congratulate everyone that passed their matric in 2020. Unfortunately, for those students that didn't make it, hard luck, better luck next time and please do find alternatives ways of helping you move forward. 

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Date: 25/02/2021

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