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SAD: She Passed Away After Writing Matric, Her Results Broke Many People's Hearts(6 Distinctions)


Many individuals have been waiting for this day for a long time. The metric results for the class of 2021 have finally arrived. Some people are content, while others are not. People are happy with their brothers and sisters who made it all over social media. For those who did not perform well, this is a difficult period, but it is not the end of the world. Many people have failed metric multiple times yet have gone on to become role models because they did not give up.

While everyone was busy rejoicing on social media, a young man sent out a post that made many people cry. He had a sister named Azola Mcedo, who completed her matriculation exams in 2021 but died shortly afterward. Today was a salt in her family's wounds, as they awoke to news that I'm not sure whether to call good or negative. Azola earned a bachelor's degree after passing her matriculation. In business management, economics, English, life orientation, mathematical literacy, and tourism, she received seven distinctions. She is reported to have died before she could witness the fruits of her labor.

It's difficult to imagine her family rejoicing with her today and looking forward to a brighter future, but all they can say is, “Rest in peace.” In the photo below, you can see her results:

It was clear that Azola had a promising future ahead of her, but God's will cannot be reversed. Her family must be going through a lot now. We can only hope she's smiling and applauding her accomplishments from above. Many people were so upset after seeing this that some even went so far as to suggest that God's will, can be painful at times. Messages of congratulations and condolences are pouring in for Azola. Take a look at some social media responses below.

This is excruciatingly uncomfortable. We can only image how difficult things must be for her family. All we can do is pray for her family's resilience at this trying time, as well as for her classmates to rejoice in her honor. Failure is the first step toward success for the class of 2021. Sometimes you fail because God is simply testing your confidence in him and in yourself. Return to school and correct your mistakes. Congratulations to everyone who made it this far. Rest in peace, brothers and sisters, to all those who died before they could see the benefits of their efforts.


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