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Important Words From Professor Jonathan Moyo

What Prof Jonathan Moyo is saying here is very important amd must be done not only to shock people, but to educate people about the true definition of clansmenship!

I will give US$100 to a university student or anyone who will FIRST come out with an ethnographic organogram showing all Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Parastatal Heads, Security Heads, and University Vice Chancellors

You put down their names, ethnic group, province of origin and any key relatives they may have in Government. I will publish the ethnograph without your name on it

This is the what we are supposed to discuss daily. Masvingo and Midlands only, all other regions are pushed out to the periphery, this is not right

Lets create a movement against clansmenship called Zimbabwe Against Clansmenship (ZAC)


He failed to put a system, which protects all citizens in and out of Government. Interesting observation, results will be interesting to note

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Jonathan Moyo Masvingo Midlands Parastatal US$100


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