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School Boy Burns another School Girl's Hair at School

A teenager school boy who is at High school has been suspendend from school for burning a school girl's hair in the class while taunting her.

The video was shot by other school class mates . This happened at Belgravia High School on Monday Morning.

The boy seems wearing a brown and whitewollen cap, he is the one who set the fire on the girl's hair. The boy seen taking the lighter from anothe school pupil and stand behind the victim then set the light to her head.

The Family of this teenager girl who is in Grade 8, says it is not the first time the girl got bullied in the class and has slammed at the school for not intervening.

The victim lives in Hanover. The Victim's angry aunt, who live with the teenager girl who got bullied and he mom says this is the third time they bully the girl like this and the Principal was informed event the teachers, but nothing was done.

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