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Video of students imitating Black coffee went viral leaving parents angry



Black coffee is a South African born DJ who started DJ’ing at the age of 9 if not 11. Coffee was always as humble as he is till today . He has never taken anyone for granted even after he was humiliated thousands times for the accident he had on his hand . Many people don’t understand his incident even though he did explain during an interview in one of the television shows.


Today he gives back to the community by inspiring young individuals who would like to take his route as a career in DJ’ing.  Yesterday , a video of young students at school trying to imitate the “Konka” style while performing  One of Backs Coffee’s song went viral. As you all know, konka is known to be a very expensive club located in Soweto where only expensive cars are always seen packed in there , not even polo drivers can match the lifestyle in there . 

As soon as the public saw the video, many people started making comments, even black coffee himself he was inspired and also made a comment. But to some parents, they were more sceptical, not sure if black coffee was a great role model to them . According to some parents, they do not condone teaching their children how to be slay Queens and eating money that doesn’t even belong to them. They want their children to work hard and know that in life, hard working pays. In other words most parents were not impressed but rather disappointed.


Well to parents who do not believe in controlling their children like telling them what do when they grow up, watching the video will definitely change your perspective . It’s always good to guide your children towards their dreams but not to push them to do your dreams . There are so many kids who did their causes based on what they parents want and they ended up quitting school and wondering around as if they were not raised properly. As a parent, your job is to guide only, not beyond that. Please tell us what you think about this, do you think black coffee is a bad influence to children? Kindly share your comment below . Don’t forget to follow me for more updates.

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