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Mzansi Laughing at TUT student who got O/50 for exam, see the picture below

A video has been trending of a TUT lecture holding the marks. On his hand the first paper which was appearing a person got 0/50. Mzansi has been laughing at these marks that there are students who fail like this. Well lot of people didn't find this funny as there are students who work really hard to get good marks. When you see a person posting something like this it will surely depress you. In South Africa we have lot of people who have failed at school not because they didn't study but because they forget everything the moment they get inside the class room.

The student hand even appear on a picture to show that thos child is not playing. That is the reason all the students are adviced to pray at home before going to the exam room. This helps and protects everyone from things like this. But sadly our new generation doesn't believe in prayers like old people. The government won't be able to do anything about such things but only the prayer can. This picture has been speculating on social media. As we all know that this is a hard time for everyone amd and people want to pass by force.

This has even made people not to laugh about the vedio that was trending from TUT. Where a student was seen with the result of 0/50. They now realize that some people don't pass at school because of their hard work. But they pass because of the things they use at home. That is why as a student you need to be careful of your surroundings. Do not just trust people you meet at schools, they might be a reason of tour downfall sometimes.

There are people who fail at school but not just because they do not study. This happens because there are people who use their minds while writing. Well you might believe or understand what happens on this world. But things. Students need to always put God first so that they will be protected from everything that is going on in this world. Comment below and let us know how do you feel abour such actions. It's sad that people who are using this can never be cought because they don't go around telling people what they do.

This need to be stopped before everyone thinks it is a best thing to do as a student. And students need to support their kids even if they fail because they might be nor at fault. Comment below and share the article with your friends.

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