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Economic Freedom Fighters: Free education for all Africans studying in the country

The leader of the Economic freedom fighters and the Economic freedom fighter party as a whole is one if not the only and greatest supporter of immigrants from African countries. The Economic freedom fighter also believes in one country. it asks for the abolition of borders and the creation of one African country with no boarders. However this is one of the disadvantages of the Economic Freedom Fighters, as a party that speaks for black people and their equal participation in the economy, it have no votes from people because of this believe that it has for a borderless continent.


The Economic Freedom Fighters has a notion that it is only a borderless continent that will see the economic progress and development of the continent. On its election campaign the things that the Economic has promised people various such as ensuring that the poor does not pay for electricity and for water and that it is only those who live in the suburbs who will pay for the electricity and the water for people who live in townships by increasing their tax. However as that is not good enough the Economic freedom, has been criticised after it has on its posters wrote that it is going to make education free for all Africans who are studying in South Africa, this is where the economic freedom was criticized that the party wants to make South Africa a soup kitchen for the African continent and that these are things that no African countries, 54 of them, do not practice and would not.

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