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Primary Education


Lesufi Panyaza Has Shared Crucial Information Regarding Primary School Learners

The grade 1 class of 2022 in Gauteng will be required to provide Covid-19 immunisation certificates to be admitted to schools, This is obviously put in place to reduce their risk of spreading COVID-19 in schools among people.

This is according to Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi, who announced this during a press briefing on Sunday. Lesufi said this requirement will apply only to grade 1 pupils. It has been discovered that that delta wearing this very deadly ended also attacks the young ones meaning even the grade 1 learners are also at a very high risk of getting the virus, and that is why this will be put in place to make sure that everyone in the school is safe.

The teachers have already been dealt with as they have been vaccinated, well apart from the ones who did not want any vaccine but it is for those who were interested they already got the vaccine and they are now protected from the virus. But that doesn’t mean that they can go around acting recklessly as they can still catch the virus. What is not known is if people were vaccinated can also spread their virus or not, batteries for getting it it is 100% so people have to be careful.

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