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"Tonight On #Skeem Saam: Out Of Anger Celia Has A Word For Principal Thobakgale "


Celia is putting blame on the wrong person. Paxton and his classmates prank just did not go according to plan. Mr Magongwa was just at the wrong place and at the wrong time. It was so sad watching him on the floor screaming and in pain. I couldn't have imagine if that was principal Thobakgale on the floor. Those learners are just out of order and they have just went too far now.

Had the prank went according to their plan those stupid kids where going to celebrate. But Thobalgale's ancestors couldn't allow that to happen. If the prank worked on principal, Magongwa would have celebrated with those unruly learners. The fact that his son was the one carrying the bucket is cherry on top.

His own son did that to him but they want to put the blame on principal. The pranks from this learners just need to stop. They have gone too far now. It is no longer fun.


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