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Shame: See What 2 Female Students Did To Theirselves Because Of A Man.

Look at what these two college students have done to themselves because of a man! It's a Shame!

Drama: Students at the university fight dirty in front of their classmates because of a man, as their classmates cheer.

According to reports, social media has been swamped with video of two slay queens from the same institution fighting in class over a man.

The conflict that took place between the two female students was heated and fraught with the possibility that one of them might come out on top.

As they participated in the fight, their classmates cheered them on as if they were sick of their antics and wanted them to settle it by using brutal force. It seemed as though they were fed up with their shenanigans and wanted them to settle it by using fighting approach...

Two males made an attempt to split up the girls, but the girls' momentum drove them further away from them.

The administrators at the University of Professional Studies are highly strict, and these ladies should count themselves fortunate if they avoid being suspended from school.

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