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The Zimbabwean Violent Teacher Has Been Arrested

What school allows such abuse on the children? What do their safeguarding children policies say, the parents should sue the school and the teacher and his chickens to the highest court. Barbaric behaviour, he should not be anywhere near a school what does he teach our children? I hope he gets the help he needsHis incarceration should not be the end of justice but the Ministry should confiscate and cancel his qualifications if he had any. Honestly we can't have such psychopaths handling our children in schools. Some sort of psychological evaluation should be a mandate the Ministry embarks on upon recruitment of teachers. Teachers are from my own point of view the daily custodians of our kids, since they spend the bulk of the time with them than we do as parents

The ministry of education should proceed to strip him of all his teaching certificates, and he should never be seen anywhere near a classroom because he clearly lacks understanding of the role

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