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For your laughter. Don't scroll if you can not control yourself

I need this kind of luck to finish this semester

When the invigilator catches you cheating in an exam and you swallow the paper Normal kids vs. Me when I was a kid There is a person on your FB who saw potential in you. But you ruined it with your posts.

This pregnancy thing, why can't you just lay eggs and hatch, and when you don't want children you just try the eggs?Imagine making a s3x tape using snapchat then you see your balls wearing glasses When a girl passes a group of boys. She automatically forgets how to walk When they wake you up and ask if you are asleep

When you see a funny meme, then Facebook refreshes, but you find it again. And you be like 'I thought I had lost you, boy!These girls will kiss you today and go to kiss another guy today. You thought I will say tomorrow? No today

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