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“This Is The Saddest Pictures I Have Ever Seen Today” — Lady Cries Seeing This Picture

A lady cried out today after seeing an emotional picture of a young rural boy studying thanks to a street light. It was dark and insects must be feeding on the young boy, but he was not giving up. He kept reading thanks to the street light,, and it appears he was solving some mathematics. A lady who shared this picture wrote, “Saddest picture I've seen today”. Could it be that the boy came from a destitute background, and they could not afford to buy him a reading lamp? However, some people confirmed that in villages in South Africa, it is a common sight to see serious students studying in this manner and even under dim moonlight.

Someone pointed out that this young boy needs to be encouraged and if possible, offered a scholarship to see him through school to encourage others. A lady wrote, “On the contrary, to me this is very encouraging …this type determination is what makes successful people EY… If this nigga finna lay his ass on the street to study, I ain't sleeping in that couch till I get my Ferrari”. Another person made it clear that, “Bona when they said hard works pays, they are talking exactly by that… Being level focused on what you want to secure… Indeed, I'm motivated beyond… In order to reach there one needs a solution to conquer and it starts somewhere, of course. May the lord protect him and make him grow strong under these circumstances and be the best engineer like us who grew up less privileged, yet we design structures for big companies today keep your head up boy”.

Often times, kids from this kind of background scale through to become great people in life. Nevertheless, some South Africans do not think he did something extraordinary. A man wrote, “Context is significant, people are just getting emotional based on their imagination and assumptions. Show me what he does during the day, show us those pics too for us to have the full story. While context matters, we all know the situations kids face in their upbringing, whether its dumb parents looking at their children to do all the chores while they sat the whole day, or just poverty doesn't allow because they have to sell things during the day to survive. Or he was busy playing the whole day. If we approximate the probabilities of the scenarios, we know which of the three is likely”. 

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