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"Who's car did he strip". Teacher complains about student's school case, see what people had to say.

Source: New_Chapter

It's often said that all the kids at school come from different backgrounds, which means that not all of the kids will afford to buy good things for school. Some kids will have nice school bags that allow them to carry all their books, while some don't have the money to buy bags, so they have to be creative, and that's why we see some kids carry their school books with plastic bags, or makeshift suitcases being used to carry school books.

Speaking of school kids using makeshift suitcases to carry their books to school. There is a post that has been getting quite a lot of attention lately. The post was made by a teacher who had this to say in the caption of the post, "I'm not okay and he's not even having all the textbooks".

The suitcase that the teacher posted seemed to be a small case that the student had made for himself, the suitcase was painted a maroon color and was embroidered with a BMW logo, and the shocking part was that the case also had 525i to show the kind of BMW the logo is from.

Well, a lot of people in the comments of this post thought that the kid was very creative in making that suitcase. Some people in the comments even went as far as saying that the teacher was discriminating against the kid because he did not have a proper bag, so people were saying she shouldn't judge him if she doesn't know his situation at home.

Well, the child wants to come to school, so I think that the teacher should appreciate his efforts, and as she mentions textbooks, it could happen that the kid doesn't have all the textbooks that the teacher wants due to so many other reasons.

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