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Here is how SA education experts predicted how the 2021 Matric pass rate would look like

A report that was issued by Newzroom Afrika revealed that the South African education experts had made a prediction that the overall pass rate for the 2021 Matrics would fall.It should be noted that when the pandemic first hit South Africa in 2020 , the 2021 Matrics werein Grade 11 .

It was the academic year in which the education sector got affected severely by the pandemic .The pass rate for Matrics fell to 76.2% in 2020 . A year later , the education experts reportedly predicted that the pass rate would decrease further by about 10% .Professor Chika Sehoole , who is the Dean of University of Pretoria's Education Faculty was invited to share his thoughts regarding the 2021 Matric pass rate .When he was asked whether he was shocked with the 10 % predicted drop in the pass rate , he said that he was not surprised .

He said that it was what he expected and it was what he projected .He went on and said the question that had to be looked at was why there was an expectation of this drop . He said that the country had to keep in mind what was experienced by the sector in 2020 .Professor Chika reminded of the Level 5 lock down which led to closure of all the schools . The 2021 Matriculants were in Grade 11 at that time .Schools were shut down for about three and a half months according to Professor Chika .When learners returned , there was a rotational timetable that was administered .

A lot of learning time reportedly got lost during that period .Cluster outbreaks of Covid-19 at provincial levels also contributed to the loss of learning time . Teachers with underlying conditions were also not going to schools . When the learners got into 2021 , there was knowledge gape that could not be recovered , hence a decrease in the pass rate .


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