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Female Learner from Moletjie accuse the Principal of the following allegations, read more below.


Schools are supposed to be a safe place and conducive for teaching and learning.The school environment and atmosphere is what makes learners to enjoy going to school everyday. Teachers and parents must encourage learners to love education so that they can excell in their studies.

Normally teachers are deemed as parents because of the power vested in them to be in Loco parentis.It is very painfull and unacceptable when the people trusted with such power abuse their powers and end up abusing poor children.

A learner from unnamed school in Moletjie Makweya, Polokwane, Limpopo Province has wrote a letter to local news outlet complaining about the Principal who beats and insults her with her private parts.She claims that she is not the only one experiencing abuse at the hand of their Principal. Other learners are also experiencing the same treatment.Now she fears going to school because of the Principal.

This are just allegations and the Department of Basic Education must look into it and verify whether it is true or not.If the allegations are true the Department must act swiftly to protect vulnerable children.

Many times we encourage learners to love education, learn so that they can have a bright future. It is also the responsibility of the Principal to encourage learners to attend classes everyday. But it is heartbreaking if the same person who is supposed to protect them is the one abusing them.Teachers and Principals must refrain from abusing their powers and do what they got paid to do.

On the other hand learners must also respect the Educators to avoid the misunderstanding that can occur.Learners must do their school work as given.

What do you think of the Principals behavior if the allegations are true, do you think the Department of Education must suspend or give him a warning? Please leave your views by commenting here,like this article and remember to press the share button.

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