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Ama2000 - marriage materials or party girls?

Back in the 90s, juveniles persons were all about going to school and passing their exams. Teachers liked asking them what they want to be when they complete their studies. Doctors, police, teachers and soldiers, too many of them replied. Funny enough not even one of them would say "I want to be a scientist or a therapist".

Even though there were other learners who were not intellectually gifted, they still did everything in their power to make sure that they pass because they were very dedicated. When their class teachers gave them homeworks they wrote them. These learners were so respectful. They did not have the tendency of backchatting, let alone swear at their teachers for they knew that teachers were there to help them with anything they do not understand in their textbooks.

What about ama2000? They have so much freedom. Ama2000 know their rights more than anything. It is so sad to see many of them dropping out of school.

They get exposed to a lot of things and nothing affrights them. Back in the years no person under the age of eighteen (18) would buy alcohol. The tavern proprietors too never sold alcohol to any person under the age of 18. If you tried taking chances they would tell you where to get off, but ama2000 can buy alcohol beverages, you know why? Because they look old. It is hard to tell that they are still young for their ages.

As of today, most of them are already married and they have kids of their own. Can they run households effectively? Candidly, ama2000 still need adult supervision and they still need to enjoy youthful experiences before jumping into marriages.

One of the reasons why their marriages fall apart quickly is because they drink alcohol too much. It is no secret that most of them love going to shebeens and parties.

Do you think ama2000 are marriage-materials or party girls? Feel free to comment below.

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