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Skeem Saam - Is this the end for Principal Thobakgale?

Skeem Saam fans were not expecting how dramatically things changed for beloved principal Thobakgale. 

The principal is having a forgettable time as she is facing immediate dismisal. 

Many of her close associates have turned their backs on her. 

Her nemesis Alfred has been trying to get rid of her from Turf high school over the last few years. He has failed on each attempt. 

But it seems as though he is about to win the battle. Alfred has somehow managed to turn the tables against Thobakgale. 

If Alfred wins this battle, he could be the new Turf high school principal. 

This is what he has always wanted and he seems to be steering his wheels in the right direction.

Nicknamed Batista by the students because of her toughness, principal Thobakgale is being accused of being a bully. 

Some staff members as well as students have turned their backs on her and it's obvious that her end is in sight. 


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