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Student Suspended for Defiling Fellow Student’s Property

A Stellenbosch University student, Theuns du Toit was suspended for urinating on his fellow student, Babalo Ndwayana’s belongings. Theuns had entered his room at the HUIs Marais building and urinated on his books, laptop and desk last Sunday.The twenty year old student told Newzroom in an interview that he had up to that point, not had much interaction with Theuns. Babalo’s roommate was the connection between the two. The event has negatively affected Babalo and is still coming to terms with it. He stated, “But I am getting there. I have to keep moving. I felt like he violated my privacy and dignity.”

A video went viral showing the act and students took to protest outside the Admin B Building. They were pushing for Theuns’ expulsion and have stipulated a deadline (this week Thursday) for the decision to be reached.

One of the students who participated in the protest said, "We want them to expel the boy, there is evidence showing what he has done.”

Theuns allegedly stated about his actions “is what they do to black boys.” The South African Students Congress has labelled it as a racist incident.

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