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Is electrical engineering a dangerous job ?

Although slightly uncommon electrical shocks are the danger most associated with electrical engineering. If you or the electrical items aren't properly grounded a shock can result.

The working environments of electrical engineers can also be dangerous especially if they engineers work around live electrical equipment and systems. Electrical engineers may spend time at a desk developing designs, planning budgets and preparing project schedules.

In fact the misapplication of bonding and grounding connections, poor wiring practices, and a true lack of understanding of the theory behind grounding may be the biggest problems electrical engineers and electricians face.

Being an electrical engineer means having a lot of job opportunities in countries all around the world. There are a lot of international technical companies that need electrical engineers and they are willing to employ people from other countries if they are good enough.

While some parts of the engineering and computer workforce remain strong, the reality is that much of the engineering world like the economy in general, has seen little job growth over the past several years. Electrical engineers will see modest if any job growth for the foreseeable future.

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