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History most educated person in the world

Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy from Jargon, a town in the District of Ludhiana, Punjab (India) is the most educated person on the planet Earth.

Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy holds a total of over 35 degrees to his credit, he has set the record of being one of the most degreed people in the world. This Indian super student has degrees in different kinds of subjects 15 master's degrees, 5 post-graduate diplomas, a bachelor of Law, Amie and Amsie certification and numerous bachelor's degrees. Sainbhy has spent most of his life in college classrooms and aims to do the same as long as he was able to. This clearly shows that education has no limit, no age.

Hardial Singh Sainbhy was born April 5, 1905 in Khanga Dogran, British India died September 18, 1967 in Singapore and was a prominent Southeast Asian of Indian origin.

He migrated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaya and became a renowned Textile Merchant. He was associated with Gian Singh & Co, Hardial Singh & Co and Hardial Singh & Sons. "King of Textiles" as pronounced by The State when he landed in Calcutta, India. He was a property investor; spices and films trader.

Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy was an eminent Pharmacologist who contributed to innovative pharmacological research at national and international level. His contribution in the medical education is a benchmark on which all future curricula in pharmacology teaching are based. A great loss to Pharmacology society.

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