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Why Do We Wait For The Victims To Die First Before Taking Actions?

She Also Deserves Justice

The Limpopo province is proving us to be a province that is full of anger, hate and pain. Lately there are news that are happening there and people are losing their lives due to the actions are are being taken and the victims pain is turned to be a joke.

Tendani Ratshibvumo is a grade 12 learner who was harassed by her classmate for repremanding her as she was making noise in class while they were trying to study. The perpetrators name is Tshinale Mukundi and they are students at Fhatuwani primary school in a village called Malavuwe in Venda.

When the principal was told about this incident she told the learners to forgive each other and never fight again. Was this her best way of solving this matter? Without involving the parents of the students? Was the principal doing the right thing for her school of for the students.

Just imagine as a parent of the victim, how would you feel after seeing how your child was beaten up and Humiliated in front of other students and the matter was solved in your absence?


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Limpopo Tendani Ratshibvumo Tshinale Mukundi


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