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A Teacher Beats A Student With His Hands While Other Teacher Are Watching

Teachers are the shapers of lives, as no one would know what they do now without the teachings of a teacher. These guys are our role models, and most of us follow their path just to be like them. They can sometimes turn bad against us, and we would know exactly how they feel.

Things took a wrong turn after a video made waves on social of a teacher beating a young boy. On this video we can see the teacher hitting the young school boy in what looks like a staff room. This happened in full view of other teachers, will they watch and do nothing. This man is seen hitting this boy with his best and also giving hot slaps, and the boy is standing still next to a table.It is not perfectly clear what led to this encounter, but this is something no one deserve.

When you listen closely you will hear this teacher mentioning something about s3x and this can mean that this boy was somehow connected to a s3xual scandal. He might have encountered into adult activities under the school premises. Even so, that doesn't give this man a right to beat a school child. He could have at least called a disciplinary hearing with the boy's parents and find a reasonable solution to the situation at hand. What is more worrying is the fact that no one from the teachers bothered to intervene and stop this man from doing what he was doing.

Judging by what we see on this video, we can definitely say this teacher had another motive, and he had a grudge against this child. The person who was recording the video was doing it secretly without anyone seeing them. This was a good thing to do as it serves as proof on the case.

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