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Short video to help assistant teachers by basic education

The department of basic education and it's initiatives' are doing by all means to make sure that applicants, are satisfied by their service. The department and it's partner, sayouth, few weeks ago announced that, phase two' of general and teacher assistants is back on a contract of five month. The applications' opened on the 27 of September 2021 and was expected to be closed midnight on the 3rd of October 2021. Many applicants experienced, difficulties to get through the site link' and the department ' decided to extend the deadline until the 10th of October 2021 this coming sunday. Now they have launched a new short video on what to expect, when you actually become a general or teacher assistants. I believe that this video will help, mostly the new applicants, especially those who didn't participate in the first phase. I watched it it's helpful, go to the department website. They are also encourages, those who are not yet applied to apply, as the closing date is getting closer. The contract will start on 1st of November 2021 till the 31st of March 2022. Source's: news 24, Enca news, SABC news, times LIVE, and the citizens. Edited by Khalabemgeza @Khalabemgeza45 on Twitter.

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