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OPINION| The Reason Why Freeman Violently Attacked a Student

It is being reported that the girl is 14 and the boy 19, apparently the girl is his daughter. Regardless of this information, as a teacher he should have exercised restraint, called the police, have the boy arrested for statutiry rape and dealt with his daughter at home, if indeed that is his daughter. Unfortunately for this guy there are other videos showing this viloent towards another child a girl and a zesa guy. You may want to excuse him for being a distressed parent but hs pattern of behavior points to other serious issues

If that was the case he should have reported the matter to the principal and summon the parents of the two learners and at least suspend them, nothing justifies beating anyone particulrary young guys as them wisdom is important to deal with such matters. Because both students were wrong, if it was discipline I think they were supposed to get disciplined both of them, I'm happy that the teacher is in the right place for murderers, after jail sentence they should finally dismiss him from being a teacher

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