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Graduate struggles to find a job after 4 years of graduating

South Africa is currently facing the highest rate of unemployment, the country has more than 35 percent of the population who are unemployed. In that number, there are people who have qualifications ranging from higher certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and Honours.

This is one of the biggest problem that is faced by the youth in South Africa, many young people are faced with a very uncertain future because of the high rate of unemployment. Obtaining or having a qualification does not guarantee that one will be employed.

It is very sad and discouraging that people find themselves unemployed after investing money, time, energy and hard work to obtain qualifications. Many have to search for work for many years to secure one.

Years ago, a Bsc degree in Applied Biology and Biochemistry was one of the degrees that could guarantee someone a job, but sadly that has changed. Some people are at home without jobs even after obtaining degrees.

Malibongwe is one of those people, Malibongwe is struggling to secure a job after completing his qualification. He graduated with a degree in Applied Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Cape Town in 2018.

He has been unemployed ever since, his picture holding his certificates and qualifications made rounds on social media platforms. It is already more than four years since he finished his qualification from the University of Cape Town.

Education was the key to success, many people used the tool to get out of poverty and it worked for them. But these days it is even difficult for people with qualifications to find employment, this means its going be harder for people who have matric of less to enter the job market.


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