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Interview questions for teacher assistants and General assistants, pay special attention to no 5.

The department of basic education is looking for educator assistants and school general assistants that will help easy the burden on educators during the pandemic. The department is looking for 180 000 young from the ages of 18 to 35, who will be offered a temporary employment for five months.The potential candidates will start to work on the 01st of November to 31st of March next year.

Many young people have submitted applications,the applications were submitted on youth portals harambee and youth mobile .The next step is to start thinking about interviews in case you are invited to one. Preparing for an interview can be a difficult task especially when one do not know what to expect.

Here is a list of possible interview questions you may be asked:

1. Why do you think you are qualified for this position.

2. What roles do you think you play in a classroom.

3. If some learners are being disruptive in class, how will you handle that

4. Do you think it matters for learners to enjoy school and what make a lesson more enjoyable.

5. If the educator does something you do not agree with, how will you handle the situation.

6. How will you convince a learner to complete an assignment who does not seem care about his education. Source:

Remember to answer any questions confidence,don't skip a questions just answer the way you understand it and say thank you once you finish answering the questions.Wait for another questions until they tell you that no more questions.

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