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Natasha Tahane Mistakenly Exposed Baleka Mbethe on How She Gave Her The Funding of R1 Million.


26 November 2021

South African is mostly known for nepotism which when translated means offering opportunities only to your loved ones(could be family members and so on). If you remember well, one of the reasons why the percentage for dropouts is thus high is because of financial exclusion. Most young South Africans end up getting suspended from their respective schools became of inaccessibility to funds.

NSFAS offer up to R80 000 per year and this is due to the tuition fees and all the other applicable fees.

It is normally acceptable that the government does not fund students studying in private higher institutions especially those outside South Africa as they usually for students who are affording to pay. This week however, Natasha Tahane exposed how the government assisted assisted she was studying in New York with funds.

Natasha attended in one of the top schools in New York and did acting studies. Throughout her years she had financial difficulties and during that time she asked Baleka Mbethe to assist her.

In a video taken from an interview with MacG she detailed how Baleka Mbethe got her over R1 million to further her studies. This left shocked as R1 million is a lot of money to use to fund one person with funds allocated to the department.

"Why does she directly approach Mam Baleka? Why did she not make application like other students who desperately needs funding like her?? What is really going mara...", a social media asked.

Another user wrote the following:

"Hebanna and there's thousands of students who go through financial exclusion year in and year out", he said.

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