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A depressed student from the University of Free State committed suicide, unfortunately he died

A student from the University of Free State committed suicide yesterday, he drowned himself in the pool. Unfortunately, he died. Last week returning students at the University of Free State were chased out of the University, at Qwaqwa campus.

Some were chased due to not being vaccinated and some because they haven't paid registration fees. NSFAS has cut off many students that started their academics or went to the University in 2018.

The above students are supposed to appeal. Which means their allowances will be distributed towards the end of this year's academic year. So, this might be the reason students are depressed, Commiting suicide and dropping out.

Last night, Chaungeni1 posted a picture of his conversation with his landlord, demanding her rent money. Chaungeni1 promised to pay her on the 20th February when he get his NSFAS book allowance. But since the University hasn't payed students yet, he failed to pay the rent on the 20th.

Yesterday the landlord told him to pack his stuff so he leave space for people that want a place to rent. From this, one can tell students from the University of Free State are depressed. Its sad we have lost one of them today. May he rest in peace.


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