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Madam B vs Miss Luthuli. Who's the Most beautiful Teacher in Mzansi between Lulu Menziwa and Thabile?

Teachers are regarded as the essential drivers of good quality education system, if South Africa fails to recruit relevant and suitable qualified teachers education system won't be able to provide quality services and education for future leaders and business minded individuals however lately seems as if citizens are currently not worried about academic growth for the next generation.

Over the past few years we've witnessed changes in educational perspective and teaching systems, technology has developed into greater souce of information but however it seems as if educators have also evolved into a variety of different kinds of teachers depending on personality and personal interests, like the famous Madam B also known as Lulu Menziwa, she has literally changed the school system dress code and appearance to school kids.

In case you still haven't seen it or heard of Lulu Menziwa here is a quick reminder of who is actually Madame B that has been Trending on on social media for the past few years.

The popular teacher that every blogger or opera News writer has been bragging about is actually Lulu Menziwa, she has thousands of Instagram followers that she keeps entertained with her dramatic and expensive lifestyle, regularly she post photographs of herself traveling in exotic places and driving expensive cars which always leaves a question how can she afford all that luxury when she's just a day time school teacher?

Lulu has successfully paved a way for fashionable teachers, a new wave of teachers who dress up for their students, Miss Luthuli is the Trending educator that has taken over social media by storm

Personally who do you think has best taste in fashion?

Lulu Menziwa 'Madam B'

Thabile Mtshali 'Miss Luthuli'

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