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Food safety

25 learners were allegedly food poisoned after eating chips from a vendor

Emergency officials have been rushed to the Gingidlovu High school where 25 learners have been vomiting and others experienced diarrhea, the emergency team managed to get there on time.

Up to so far no death reported from the 25 learners that were vomiting, team asked the learners on what happened.

According to the 25 learners they ate chips from the same place or vendor that sells chips at the school, it is alleged that poison was added to the chips but it wasn't deadly. It only caused the 25 learners to experience diarrhea and vomiting.

Some of the learners had lost their strength but they where all rushed to the Emoyeni hospital for further check ups, due to the food that ate and to find out if there's no internal damage.

According to the information given the teachers are suggesting for extracting all the vendors, because they give learners food that is not good for their help.

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