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6 Times School Kids Make Their Homework Less Boring With Humorous Answers

Remembering the time at school, we are so overwhelmed with all sorts of homework everyday homework, extra homework, summer homework, and so on. There’s just too many of it. No wonder why children are scared every time the teacher mentions ‘homework’. With such tons of homework to do, answering those questions sometimes becomes a bit snarky. It’s pretty understandable because when people are fed up with something, they cannot do it properly, for sure.

While some students are being deliberately funny, some others are struggling to find the correct answers. But in any case, parents and teachers simply cannot hold their laughter checking the homework. So let’s check out those hilarious answers in the list below.

1. Some say Tony is disciplined and loves music. Others say Tony is probably a huge nerd. No shame in that game, Tony!

2. Who cares what the teacher thought — Lola deserves an A+!

3. The assignment said to write “< or >” so that’s exactly what this student did. What’s the problem here?

4. Somebody gives this kid a scholarship

5. She Must Work at the School in #13

6. For those who may not know, “shart” is slang for what happens when you do trust a fart. Use your imagination.


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