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Students at SAPS training in Kimberly NC had their rooms trashed recently. Video went viral

The rooms of @SAPoliceService trainees at the Kimberley, North Carolina, academy were recently damaged, allegedly at the hands of a captain. Some students even went so far as to bring their own meals due to the food shortages. Someone obviously broke into the building and trashed all the pupils' belongings. This is distressing because it suggests the criminals have techniques they employ to outwit the authorities.

We have no idea where to hide, as the robbers appear to be able to break into the offices of the same people whose job it is to safeguard the country. If you look closely at the footage, you can see that there is food on the floor and some of it has been torn up. Some pupils, it has been said, have been able to get their meals to be safe while others have not.

On social media, several people have said that the South African police force should immediately begin making arrangements to purchase the aforementioned food items. They claim that cameras would be installed in the rooms in case of an incident, proving that the administration takes security concerns seriously. Since it's impossible for food to be sprayed like that, someone must be responsible for this.

In South Africa, it seems like it will always be raining, even though it is, in fact, the job of those employed to make it stop. The general consensus among social media users is that they should actively seek out the offending employee and dismiss him forthwith.

They're warning their classmates that the suspect poses a serious threat and could kill one of them if precautions aren't taken. That's why you'd find many people from the outside saying they don't want to visit in South Africa. Crime is everywhere an you will never run away from it.

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