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Check Out 23 Funny Things We Do During Our Childhood

Childhood is a time when we live in our parent's house. Their function is to take proper care of us like providing our needs such as paying school fees, provision of shelter, and other requirements that our body needs to function properly.

Childhood is a time of adolescence which is between the ages from 1 to 13 years.

This stage is the time we engage ourselves with many kinds of playful things like the things we see around us.

During this period, children try to emulate what their elderly ones do.

By trying to build their car, create what they watch in the movies and so on.

Some of the adults today, are not opportune to pass these stages of life due to their family background such as the wealthy ones.

The children who are fortunate enough to undergo these kinds of scenarios are mostly the poor masses and middle class.

Below are the pictures of what we did during childhood that makes our childhood fun.

Most of the children who enjoy swimming do come around to swim during the weekend and after school. All these things are enjoyable in those days.

There are some things we used during childhood that is now old fashioned like the lamb, the charcoal iron, the cotton wool hair, biscuit and some other things.

Seeing all these things makes some of us remember our childhood days. Though as of then, is not funny because we found it interesting but due to we are now above the stage it now looks funny to us.

So, if you are reading these article and you are among those that use all these things listed above, you should better go and marry because you are no longer a child but an adult.

Hope all these throwback pictures are funny right?

If any of the picture's interest you feel free to drop a comment.

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