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Secondary Education


Sh0cker: Student caught trying to force another student into kissing her and this happened


What the world hold for us these days is more like a nightmare, the things happening is like this world of ours is cursed or something. We see and experience different stories each and every day. There are many things that are happening in this world of ours today that were not happening in this world in the days of old.

These things happening now they prove that most of these learners go to school just to see other learners and to play unlike in the olden days. The intent to learn is no longer that much, they no longer have the desire to learn. It has been revealed that there is a secondary school student who was caught on camera trying to force a male student to kiss her.

It was unfolded to us that the lady was tired of waiting for too long for the guy to make his move, so she decided to take the matters into her own hands. It is revealed that the lady was into the guy for such a long time but the guy was not making his move on her. As she tried to force him like that, he pushed her away and looked away.

What are your thoughts about the actions of the lady? What do you think could be the cause of such actions? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment box over there.

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