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I Heard A Strange Sound In My Hostel Kitchen Around 2am, I checked And Found This Out.

In My Hostel Kitchen, at approximately 2 am, I've checked And I Found This Out. 

Security and well-being should be focused on everyone's record breaking. Especially, returning understudies which have been away from their schools since February one year ago due to the mandatory break in connection with the Covid-19 disease flare-up. 

As a government college study – Ilorin college correctly, I remained at home for almost 12 months until January of this year. A lot of things have changed off-ground in my loft to my dismay. I understand simply the safety hazard of a messed up part on my kitchen rooftop.

Usually, I saw a hint of creatures on the rooftop, a perception that everyone in my lodging block shares.

Those creatures were obvious from the sound but I didn't know which creatures they were until this early morning. 

Since I was dozing for over five hours yesterday evening, I did not feel tired for most of the evening pieces. I started to feel tired around 2 am, and as the rest were going to be extremely extreme, I saw something stable in my kitchen floor. 

The sound, however, wasn't coming from the rooftop, so now it's on the ground, and I'm going to see it or more regrettable, or I'll even execute it. I realized that whatever the choice was, I would have a busy hour and my pulse started to beat quickly. What might it be? Think of a scenario in which I opened the entrance and hopped straight at me. The interest alarms me if it could be snake, mole, or much more atrocious.

So I've been cautious, opened the entrance marginally and tenderly, so it doesn't spring to my room and makes it difficult to be slaughtered or to get out of it. I put on my phone's touch light and guided it to the kitchen floor to understand what it was. What I saw before was that the pepper that I parboled during the day was so messed with now, I would be more determined to see what it was and finish it off. 

I saw the tail at first, it was longer than a rodent's. That is, I saw rodents enough rodents in my lifetime to have the option to tell whether or not something is a rodent. I was frightened of what it might be, but I'm a man, culture expects me to be infinite. I can't admit I'm worried.

I gradually entered the kitchen and then locked out the way to make it difficult for the creature to escape. I'm currently fully in the kitchen, bolted with this creature. I was thinking, whatever it was, today it's me and you. I had a nervousness that wasn't far from me and made a sound by hitting it on the ground in an offer to scare the creature and make it seem evident.

Upset, it ran in the kitchen for any concealed place. I saw what it was there. It was a rodent of shrubbery. The ones you eat. I don't have any indication of the name, but I saw it somewhere else. The public Yoruba calls it 'Okete.' It has a tighter or longer face. It's a small rodent but it's still larger and more than an estimated normal rodent. 

I was relieved because I believed 'God deny it will hurt me,' yet soon another jump began from its hidden place. That's two of them. At present, this is appalling. However, I was encouraged by the way that they were harmless and not forceful, so I was pursuing them in my grasp.

It did not take me less than 40 minutes to kill them because they were extremely fast and dodgy. I did it separately in the long run. I could snap their photo right now. Haha. Haha. 

This is a clearer and clearer picture of the creature.

However, I called my supervisor to resolve the rooftop problem and avoid a repeat of the frequency and most likely a dangerous creature. 

It goes without saying that as returning understudies, efforts must be made to inspect each niche and crack of your space to ensure that everywhere there is no blemish. This helps you to rest healthily around the evening. 

Who knows, please, the name of the creatures?

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Please keep public distance, wear your face masks, wash your hands regularly with sanitizer prevention is better than cure.

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