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Skeem Saam| Thobakgale is the first one to learn about the kiss between a student and a teacher

Thobakgale will not let it go

Thobakgale is going to blame Magongwa after finding out that Masebjadi and Kwaito shared a special moment together in the classroom. Mosebjadi kissed Kwaito during their play, Mosebjadi was Juliet and Kwaito was playing a character of Romeo. Mosebjadi was smiling what happened, which means she enjoyed it. Kwaito on the other hand had his eyes closed, does this mean he has the same feeling as Mosebjadi?

Kwaito his contarct to work at the school is almost over and now it seems like he will be suspended. Thobakgale found out about what happened from Paxton and his friends. They will never let this go because they never expected the play to end the way it did.

Mosebjadi needs to apologise to Kwaito because, not only Kwaito will get it trouble but the principal as well. Other teachers will think that Kwaito is dating a learner.


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Magongwa Mosebjadi Paxton Skeem Saam| Thobakgale


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