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People noticed something absurd with the teacher in the classrooms

(Source: - @ulovewendy)

Imagine being called to the front of the class by a teacher wearing a boxing glove. As you need to complete a certain task on the board. That's just scary, especially if you don't know the answer or the steps needed to get to the final answer. That's one of the things that many students struggle with within classrooms and that's being put on the spot to provide resolutions to problems. Even though a student was around when the lesson took but people are not the same when it comes to learning.

You get students that love attention and will do anything to remain class clowns. They enjoy answering teachers questions and also, rubs them on other students faces within the classroom. Then you get quiet students that barely say anything in the classroom, even though the teacher asks them certain questions, when they respond their voice is soft, you can hardly hear it. Also, some intellectuals know the answers to the questions but prefer to not say anything or tell others the answers. Also, some students take their own time to digest the information, even ask questions to get more understanding about the topic at hand. It doesn't matter what type of student you're, as long as you utilize your time productively and even acquire all the knowledge need to do well on the subject. Students shouldn't be scared to ask any questions from their teachers as they're there to assist them and make the syllabus more understandable.

Now, a photo of a teacher wearing a glove while asking the student about an equation on the board. However, it seems like a tactic used by the teacher if the student gets a wrong answer he will get punched. "If Johnny has 5 apples," wrote @ulovewendy on Twitter.

The tweet went viral as it has over 28 100 retweets, 1800 quote tweets and 133 000 likes. The tweeps commented on the post as they made fun of the student. They thought he was scared for his life and he had one chance to impress the teacher, other he will get a knockout.

@Jay_Scott88 said, "Damn she said square root or square up!"

@lasbreyE said, "Get it wrong and..."

@OVOEdB0925 said, "You laugh then she call you up next..."

@LoHahn1 said, "Damn... the trauma at the school and home. them kids going through it."

@sophie_Asin said, "Me: I hope she doesn't pick me."

@MarkJAbshire said, "Just wishing he messes up so she can show off that mean left hook."

@EmoCat229 said, "Seeing my friend's lifeless body being carried out of the class."

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Date: 03/03/2021

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