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" I am Prepared To Stay Here Illegally" - Zimbabwean Teacher Says As ZEP Is Set To Expire

At the end of this year, on December 31st, the ZEP will no longer be valid. Because of this, a significant number of persons who have ZEPs will be deported after having resided in South Africa for a number of years, with some of them having done so for more than ten years. 

News24 was given access to the narrative of a Zimbabwean educator by the name of Wilfred. It has been 15 years since he first settled in South Africa. He has experience working in South African public as well as private schools, and he currently holds the position of vice principal at a school in Midrand. 

Wilfred believes that he will be adversely affected because there is nothing for him to do in Zimbabwe, there are no job opportunities, and he has not been home in a very long time because the only time he goes home these days is for funerals. Wilfred only goes home for funerals. He claims that it is quite likely that he will be fired from his job, and he is unsure how his mother and siblings can manage financially in Zimbabwe without him there to provide for them. 

Wilfred has stated that he is willing to remain in the nation illegally and work occupations that are considered menial since he believes that this will ensure the survival of the fittest. In spite of this, Wilfred's tale is a depressing one. It is now expected of the people in the country that they will leave whatever they have there and return home. Where are the children and what are they doing? What will happen to their UIF payouts and all else they have worked for during their lives? 

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