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The Most Unbelievable Schools Around The World, Number 2 Is On Water


Most of us begin our relationship with education in school, but for some students, it isn't always blackboards and long division. This article will look at some of the world's most odd schools, from unconventional and inventive surroundings to surprising curriculum content.

1. Dongzhong Mid-Cave Primary School

Modern schools are generally designed with cave-like high ceilings atop broad, open-plan rooms.

Classrooms are frequently surrounded by partially translucent glass walls, which give them an open and breezy feel. However, one school carried this to its logical conclusion: the Dongzhong Mid-Cave Primary School in Mao village, Ziyun County, China, was literally built inside a cave.

This, however, was not a design choice. Dongzhong's story is one of perseverance in the face of adversity, rather than one of design and wealth. The Guizhou region, where Mao is found, is one of China's poorest provinces. Schooling was simply not an option due to a lack of even the most basic living standards — that is, until the locals took matters into their own hands and formed Dongzhong. After Chinese authorities intervened, the school was closed in 2011.

2. Floating schools in Bangladesh

Bangladesh's education system has had to overcome and adapt due to the country's vulnerability to flooding. With severe and destructive floods occurring at least twice a year, the local non-profit Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has created a series of floating Homes on boats!

These schools combine all of the traditional classroom characteristics under one roof, but interestingly, on top of a hull.

3. The mobile school bus in Karachi

Citizens Education Development Foundation has used innovative methods to reach its core goal of functional literacy for all since 1993. The bus traverses neighborhoods in turns, giving four two-hour lessons to approximately 160 pupils per day. The CEDF mobile school bus, designed to leave a lasting legacy for its pupils, provides tuition to children aged five to fourteen and strives to support them when they apply to conventional academic institutions.

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