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SADTU is saddened by the passing of children at Nyobeng Tavern. Many were underage and also learners

The South African Democratic Teachers Union has added its voice to the sad tragedy that happened in Eastern London. 21 people have been confirmed dead at Nyobeng Tavern.

What made SADTU sad the most is the fact that most of those who are deceased are learners who are under the age of 18. According to the union such children should not have been there in the first place.

South Africa has laws against underage drinking unfortunately enforcing those them is a challenge. The police are not enough to cover all the areas.

It is mainly up to parents and communities to ensure places like this uphold the law. Businesses usually care about the bottom line at the expense of saving lives and community building.

Teachers do their best to educate learners about the dangers of substance abuse, but parents should do more especially because they are ones giving children money and freedom to visit such places.


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